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Welcome to InterLink Alliance

Earn Rewards with Web3 Staking & Yield Farming

Choose InterLink Alliance

Secure & Reliable Platform with plans to expand

Diverse Range of Supported Tokens

Competitive Rewards & APY

Our Services

  • InterLink Alliance offers a diversified platform where users can engage in staking or yield farming activities using InterLink tokens. Users earn rewards in various tokens while participating on the InterLink platform.
  • Coming soon: A new Decentralized Exchange (DEX) boosting our ecosystem.

About Us

InterLink Alliance

InterLink Alliance is a Web3 company that aims to provide a secure and reliable platform for users to engage in staking and yield farming activities. Our platform supports a diverse range of Alliance Reward tokens, including InterLink and also BNB, allowing users to choose their rewards. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and being accountable to our users.

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100 Million

Total Supply

85%* Public


5 % Total

3 % Staking
2 % Marketing & Development


5 % Total

3 % Staking
2 % Marketing & Development


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