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Welcome to InterLink 

Earn Rewards with Web3 Staking & Farming

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Secure & Reliable Platform with plans to expand

Diverse Range of Supported Tokens

Competitive Rewards


Born March 30, 2024, InterLink promotes #UniteDeFi and diversification, bridging communities and more together. Launched with staking and yield farming, offering users multiple reward options to choose from.


Our next-gen DEX is designed to strengthen our ecosystem and listed projects. With merch available, NFT Burn options inbound, and much more on the horizon, InterLink will be the hub you want to be in. From swaps to the Metaverse, you will find us everywhere soon, becoming your one-stop-shop for everything crypto.

Our Services

InterLink offers a diversified platform where users can engage in staking or farming activities using InterLink tokens. Users earn rewards in various tokens while participating on the InterLink platform.​​

Now Launched: Decentralized Exchange (DEX) boosting our ecosystem.





Total Supply

100 Million

Buy Tax 3%

Token Burn

Sell Tax 3%

Token Burn
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